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My review of Amaturmatch...

With the recent invent of the adult dating site, there has been a flood of new sites interested in getting you signed up to meet local hotties in your area. The problem is that many of these are spam sites and those that aren't, are often times only have enough clients to work if you're in a large city. Amaturmatch is one of these newly developed sites, so I decided to review it.

Amaturmatch is interesting because it is actually a pretty good site, but membership rates are fairly low. From my estimates, they have somewhere between 15,000-60,000 members. To put that into perspective, other sites like AdultFriendFinder have about 7 million members and their main competitors are all in the 1-2 million range. They are small, but for some amaturmatch could be a great site.

For anyone in a large city, this might be just the site for you. If you live in LA or New York, there will still be an ample amount of members close to you and a membership might be worth it. It's a personal preference thing. If you've already tried the other large sites with limited amounts of success, then you are looking for a new alternative. Also, if there are specific things you are into, I've found these smaller sites start to attract one kind of niche to them. For example, when a smaller adult dating site has a few people really into foot fetishes on the site start talking about feet in the forums, that's what people start to associate with the site. Generally that causes a ripple effect and attracts similarly minded people. Don't get me wrong, I haven't seen that with Amaturmatch yet, but it's something to watch for. I'll update the page if things start to go in that direction.

In my experience with the site, I met a couple of very nice ladies. That's part of the problem for me, because both of them were too nice. It was only part of a trial membership since I didn't want to spend the amount required for the full membership.

The first lady was Nancy and the second was Kaysee. I won't reveal too much about them in the interest of discretion, but both were women in their forties and recent divorcees. I got the sense there are a lot of divorcees on the site, so if that's what you're looking for then you might be in luck.